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JWOWW Hypoallergenic Warming Leg Bronzer

Get the dark color you demand with this Hypoallergenic Warming Leg Bronzer. The Sultry Bronzing Blend wraps skin with a subtle warming sensation, delivers instant bronze satisfaction and produces deeper, delayed dark results. Shave Minimizer helps to slow hair growth, while providing superior long-lasting hydration for soft, smooth skin. Protect & Tone Complex rejuvenates, while shielding from environmental stressors for a toned, nourished glow. Dare to bare it all!
"Flawless, sexy legs are a necessity for me...and this Warming Leg Bronzer delivers exactly what I need to be beach or red-carpet ready instantly. Now you can have those event ready legs too! Xoxo" - JWOWW - Jenni Farley
  • Sultry Bronzing Blend: Caramel imparts an immediate color to the skin, while Black Walnut Shell works to develop golden, natural results. A high dose of DHA ensures darker, developed color results continue to build even hours after your session. A unique Warming technology helps increase blood flow (without irritation or tingling) to the skin which allows for instantly darker bronze results
  • Shave Mnimizer Blend: Decadent combination of moisturizing ingredients, including Shea Butter, and a unique botantical that help slow hair growth and minimize the appearance of hair follicles, while hydrating and smoothing for touchably, soft legs
  • Protect & Tone Complex: Caffeine, Stevia and Green Tea combine to help provide a boost of toning and rejuvneation, while protecting against free radicals for a beautiful, youthful complexion
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Enjoy this Agave Nectar fragrance (matches the JWOWW Hypoallergenic White DHA Bronzer)

Available in: 5.0 oz. Tube


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