Supre : Tanning Bed Lotions

The Supre tanning lotion line by Sun Evolutions added Bronze the Day Away in 2018 and this is the ultimate Supre tanning lotion. Perfect for a tan that keeps getting darker and will last for over a week! Its vitamin enriched and this Supre tanning lotion contains melanin enhancers plus vitamins and moisturizers that help enrich and nourish the skin, so you’ll keep that drop-dead gorgeous look for days. We’re very impressed with all Supre tanning products, so get the best Supre wholesale tanning prices here today. Supre Tan offers a huge selection of tanning products like Luxury Collection, Sweet & Sexy Collection, Pretty Pink Collection, Elite Colection. and Tan Candy Collection. There are so many collections at Supre Tan that you will definitely not have to go without a tan.