Squeeze : Tanning Salon Lotions

Squeeze tanning bed lotions are carefully formulated to give maximum results with minimum damage. Your safety is always a priority with Squeeze tanning lotions.  Each of the dark bronzers contains a powerful combination of antioxidants, plus silicone emulsions and powerful bronzers. Fruit extracts are added to not only make you smell sweet, after tan odor eliminators are also blended in so your skin doesn’t get that strange post-tanning odor.


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 Squeeze Indoor Tanning Products – Fun without the Sun

Squeeze tanning lotions will instantly make your mouth water! It’ll be hard to choose from Extreme Black Cherry, Black Cherry, Strawberry Champagne or Wild Rasoberry, and like their names suggest Squeeze indoor tanning products contain exotic extracts and vitamins that are good for your insides and your outsides too!

Choose from any of the fun flavors – sorry fragrances - and you can enjoy Squeeze tanning bed products while relaxing and savoring the sweet aroma of your favorite fruit. Afterwards you will see how highly effective Squeeze indoor tanning products are for producing a just-came-from-the-beach look, even if it is the middle of winter!

Treat yourself to one of the popular Squeeze tanning bed products today and enjoy over 60% savings too.