Tan Asz U : Indoor Tanning Bed Lotions

For Tanning Lotion Tan Asz U offers Big Bottles and Big Results. For us big girls and boys, if we want to do some serious tanning a piddling little bottle just ain’t going to work. We need big!  If you want to keep looking good, you’re going to have to keep using tanning lotion right? That’s why we’re offering Tan Incorporated line of Tan Asz U. You can keep your skin looking just like it did when you were in college and had all that time to tan. Tan Asz U products contain some serious bronzing power plus tanning technology to protect and beautify your skin

Tan ASZ-U Tanning Lotion – Tan ASZ-U Are Tanning Products Designed Just For You! Everyone Should Have A Special Tan! 

Tan ASZ-U has a suite of tanning products that include Ultra Silicone Bronzer, Tingle Silicone, and Ultra Silicone Emulsion. The list of products just keeps going on and on with Tan ASZ-U.