Maximize Your Tanning Bed Experience

Maximize your Tanning Experience With Tanning Bed Lotions

While tanning was once confined to the summer months, fast and efficient tanning beds have made it easy for anyone to build and maintain a gorgeous bronze tan 12 months a year.
One of the best ways to maximize your tanning experience is with indoor tanning bed lotions that protect your skin and can help to accelerate the tanning process.

These tanning lotions can be applied both before and after tanning since tanning actually continues for some time after each tanning bed session, especially when using the tanning bed lotions.

Tanning bed lotions typically contain tyrosine, an amino acid that helps the body to produce melanin. Melanin production is also stimulated by the UVB rays emitted in a tanning bed; tanning lotions can enhance this production.

Tyrosine also helps the body retain melanin longer by replenishing the amino acids and slowing down the exfoliation process. Tanning-bed lotions with tyrosine may also help to clean your pores since tyrosine has been shown to be an antioxidant, binding harmful free radical molecules together and allowing them to be exfoliated.

Many tanning bed lotions also contain Vitamin E, which also helps to clear your pores, and copper, which can reduce the visibility of unsightly scars and other skin flaws. The antioxidant effects of both tyrosine and Vitamin E can also help to fight some signs of aging, in particular, they will work to prevent the development of wrinkles and fine lines, especially on your face.
Tanning-bed lotions also moisturize your skin, which is important since the UVB rays that your body receives during tanning will work to dry out your skin.

Using tanning-bed lotions help to counteract this drying and provide nutrients that your skin needs to resist the effects of the environment around you.

Studies have also shown that moist skin tans better than dry skin. Therefore, using tanning bed lotions that moisturize your skin can improve the efficiency of your tanning sessions and may even result in your needing to visit the tanning salon less.
Tanning bed lotions come in many different forms. Some tanning lotions are considered tan accelerators or tan maximizers, and contain ingredients that enhance the effects of tyrosine. Still others are considered moisturizers that help your skin recover following tanning sessions. Whichever product you choose, you will be sure to find a great selection of cheap tanning lotions available. will be able to provide you a wide range of choices, visit ourĀ  online store.

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