Ed Hardy - Tanning Bed Lotions

 Ed Hardy tanning lotions are formulated using safe, natural products designed to firm and tighten skin while giving a deep bronze tan – without redness.  Try any awesome Ed Hardy tanning lotion wholesale here – we have Ed Hardy Hot Shot at 52% below everyday retail! Ed Hardy tanning products are loved by men and women alike – especially those who spend hours in the gym getting ripped!  To look your best and get your skin in competition condition there’s one thing that lacks with the inside gym experience - and that’s a sexy tan. Don’t want your tats to disappear under all that bronze? Ed Hardy also makes products that protect those tats, keeping the colors vibrant and well visible.

Ed Hardy Tanning Lotions – A Revolution in Tanning Experience

Ed Hardy tanning lotions offer a totally new experience in tanning.  Everyone’s talking about Ed Hardy Tanning lotion because the company’s thought of every possible modern situation where an appropriate tanning solution needs to be used. 

If you live in a lousy climate and resort to artificial tanning, try Ed Hardy Tanning bed lotion for the best and most natural looking tan.  Run a gym and clients have mentioned these great products? You can buy Ed Hardy tanning lotion wholesale here.