Hoss Sauce : Tannings Salon Lotion 

 Hoss Sauce sun tanning lotion will definitely appeal to those who are looking for a deep dark tan while keeping skin, healthy, firm and toned.  Yes, it appeals to men more than women – you’ve only got to look at the name on any Hoss Sauce tanning lotion. But they make a great gift for the man in your life because his skin should look beautiful too!

Why Men Love Hoss Sauce Tanning Lotion for a State-of-the-Art Tan

Take Hoss Sauce Sons of Outlaw for example. This is a tingle formula that he’s bound to enjoy and the bottle won’t make him look like a girly man!  Don’t be fooled by the name though, any Hoss Sauce tanning lotion is made to the most stringent quality levels and contains complex formulations and exotic oils that protect and nourish the skin, while resulting in a deep tan and intense tingle.

Looking for Hoss Sauce tanning wholesale? It’s becoming a wildly popular product at gyms and salons where men get together, and you’ll see that our prices are 50% less than those on the Hoss Sauce site – well below wholesale.

Every Hoss Sauce sun tanning lotion we offer comes in generous man-sized bottles and at prices you won’t want to miss.  Order a Hoss Sauce tingle lotion today and discover what the WTF factor means!