Salon Spray Tanning Tips

These Tips For Spray Tanning Will Help
You Get The Best Tan...

SIX Tips For Spray Tanning: Whether you choose to use a self tanner spray tan, or
a spray tanning booth, here are 8 spray tanning tips...

1. Exfoliate - All the self-tanner in the world will do you no good if it attaches itself to dead skin that is about to come off your body! Use a good exfoliant and loofah sponge in the bath the night before you self-tan to remove these dead skin cells.

2. Moisturize - Applying a good water based moisturizer a few hours before you self tan is a great way to make sure your skin is ready to accept the self-tanner.

3. Choose your clothes carefully - Wear loose fitting clothing, preferably not white to avoid staining from the bronzer which is in most spray tan solutions.

4. If you are going to a tanning salon, follow the instructions! Self-tanning booths typically have a handout, so read up, and make sure you know what to do before stepping inside the booth!

5. Completely wipe off after applying your spray tan, you will need to wipe your skin with a towel to catch any drips.

6. Apply cream to your hands and feet - Because these areas of the skin are usually drier than the rest of you, your hands and feet may get dark faster. If you are spraying yourself, go lightly on the feet. If you are using a booth, use the paper booties (usually offered by staff) to protect your feet or apply a light coating of cream to your hands and feet to filter the solution.