Pauly D Indoor Tanning Bed Lotions

 Pauly D Tanning Products – Strictly for Party People

Pauly D understands that party people must look their best at all times – even at 4am!  We’ve added the Pauly D tanning lotion collection to our list because they’re made with a specific set of people in mind.  If you work all day and party most nights there’s not a lot of time left for tanning so Pauly D tanning oil is designed to give an awesome bronzed look with ultimate skin protection – because skin needs some love too!


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Choose from one of the 3 Pauly D tanning products and you’ll get results fast. His After the Party offers a blend of Monoi butter and using the latest tanning technology to give skin a dark lustrous sheen that will keep you looking good on the dance floor all night long.  With built-in anti-aging ingredients, your skin will stay firm and youthful; even when your brain says it’s time to go home.

You can find Pauly D tanning oil here along with two other Pauly D tanning products, all at over 50% off salon prices. So get your drink on and get your groove on with the Pauly D tanning lotion collection and order yours today.