John Abate : Tanning Bed Lotions

Originator of Tingle Lotions 

Why we Recommend any John Abate Tanning Lotion:

Tanning lotions and oils are not like they were just a few years ago.  There’s complex testing and formulation involved in producing tanning products that protect against UV damage, while nourishing and helping skin stay young and healthy.

John Abate Tanning Lotion – This Product Will Give You A Tan That Won’t Abate! 

Any John Abate tanning oil or John Abate tanning lotion has been formulated with these requirements in mind.  Many come with the increasingly popular tingle effect that will keep your skin glowing all day long.  The company uses the finest ingredients and each product has been formulated to satisfy every individual tanning need.

John Abate Titanium Tanning Lotion

For one of the most widely talked about lotions, take a look at the John Abate Titanium tanning product choice here on our site.  If you want near-instant tanning then Titanium’s super-charged lotion comes with a high tingle factor and is infused with complex vitamins and cell oxygenators that result in an amazingly fast, dark and healthy tan. 

You get what you pay for, and here we can offer any John Abate tanning product or John Abate tanning oil at a fraction of the prices elsewhere.

So try a John Abate Titanium tanning product at 50% off and get the tan you’ve always wanted.