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 Enjoy the Secret of California Beach Boys & Girls – California Tan Products

What do most people think of when we hear the word California - movie stars and a wonderful climate. To achieve the look of a movie star look no further than our extensive line of California Tan Lotions.

Even if you don’t enjoy a year-round sunny climate and exotic beaches, a California Tan tanning bed lotions can achieve the same results. California Tan sunless lotions are designed to give a year-round healthy sun-kissed glow.


Callifornia Tan Tanning Lotion – Get A Tan Like You’re On A California Beach! 

California Tan Tanning Lotion will give you a tan worthy of the hot California sun. If you can’t be in California, the next best thing is to get products from California Tan. They will make you feel like you’re basking in the California sun.

Step 1 = base tan intensifier or builder

Step 2 = more advanced - bronzers or tingle tannig lotions

Step 3 = Moisturizers or Tan Extenders

We offer one off the largest choices of California tan products on the internet and each one has been carefully selected. We’re also pleased to offer California Tan products and California Tan indoor tanning lotions at vastly reduced prices – on one product alone you can save around 50% or more!

Add one of these trusted California tan products to your list of “must have” tanning products today. You’ll be amazed at how much you’ll save by ordering any of the wide range of California tan products we offer.

You may not live on Malibu beach but with a California tan indoor tanning lotion you’ll look just as good as any movie star.