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Best Selling Tanning Lotions

Welcome to TanningSalonLotion.com, your one-stop shop for optimal skin care with wholesale tanning lotion and sunless tanning products. Whether you sunless tan because you are going on vacation and would like a base tan; have just returned from vacation and want to keep your color longer; a special occassion you want to look your best; or just want to feel good, we have the products for you. All at huge discounted prices!

Tanning Salon Lotion's Best Selling Tanning Lotions for the Month of 'July'






Which is the Best Tanning Lotion for You?
People email us all the time to ask which the best tanning lotion is for them. This a very difficult question to answer without knowing your skin type, its sensitivity, your sex, natural skin color, and level of tan youíve already achieved. The best lotion for tanning bed purposes must be safe first of all and, because youíre probably paying by the hour, it must work quickly Ė you donít want to waste hundreds of dollars just to turn pink! The best lotion for tanning bed tanning will contain complex formulas containing bronzers plus ingredients that will protect the skin from the intense rays. You may also need different tanning lotions for different areas of the body. Faces and arms are often easy to tan, while unexposed areas can be tough to bronze. The best tanning lotions for men take safety into their formulation and contain little to no fragrance. Men who work outside will tan much easier than those who wear suits and work in an office! So finding the best tanning lotions for men will also require some experimenting and research. Take some time to look at the wide variety of lotions we offer. You may not find the right one immediately, but with our low prices you wonít be afraid to try a few before you find the best tanning lotion for you


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