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Body Butter Tanning Lotions and Oils

Body Butter tanning lotion leaves your skin with a beautiful glow. You too can have vibrant, dark skin with Body Butter -- one of the best body tanning lotions available. What makes Body Butter so special?  Each Body Butter product has 8 vitamins and exotic oils and 3 powerful accelerators that help maintain healthy skin and accelerate your tan. 

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Accelerate Your Tan

The Body Butter tanning oil can get you bronzed skin in no time with its powerful blend of ingredients that work to accelerate the skin tanning process. Tanning oil with bronzer will help you to make the most of your time in the tanning bed. A few sessions are all it takes to gorgeous bronzed skin. 

 Powerful Ingredients with Real Results

Other outdoor tanning oils and lotions do not have the same powerful ingredients that make Body Butter work so well. Body Butter tanning products are great for people who often find it difficult to get darker in a limited amount of time. If you have an event coming up in a couple weeks or if you are going on vacation and need a base tan fast, Body Butter Intensifying Body Oil can help you get the look you are aiming for while improving the quality of your skin. 

 Body Butter Black

Body Butter Black tanning lotion can intensify your look whether you are tanning in the bed or outdoors. For best results, apply like regular lotion generously. Body Butter can help frustrated tanners achieve a lustrous body tan faster than using other outdoor tanning oils and lotions.

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