Fixation Tanning

 The first in Ultimate Fixation tanning is Fixation So Lovely, specifically designed to work with fair to medium skin types. Formulated from Butternut Walnut extract, exotic teas, vitamins and collagen, this Fixation tanning lotion will protect, nourish and moisturize leaving your skin feeling healthy and supple with a tan that won’t damage your delicate skin.

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Ultimate Fixation Tanning – A Good Habit to get into

Here at we look at each product on its merits and effectiveness. We carefully examine reviews and feedback we get about products too, and that’s why we added a small selection of Fixation tanning products to our inventory.

The three choices of Fixation tanning lotion we offer here all serve three distinctively different purposes.

Fixation Jealous combines a three-step bronzing formula that will result in a deep, bronzed but safe tan.

But for the ultimate Fixation tanning experience there’s Fixation Fetish. This is a tingle lotion, recommended for experienced tanners only.  It contains an anti-aging, firming formula in a lotion that will make you feel and look totally revitalized!

We offer all 3 Fixation tanning products here at an amazing 50% off retail. Order any of these Fixation tanning lotions today and it will be on its way to you within minutes!