Devoted Creations Endarken Body Perfecting Tanning Lotion

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Devoted Creations Endarken Body Perfecting Tanning Cream - 7 oz.

Some just envision flawlessly perfected tanned and toned results. We Endarken them... MelaDark and Nouritan will transform the skin by jump-starting the tanning process while allowing your own natural color to develop over time. DHA Free bronzers will leave you streak-free and stain-free for the flawless glow of your dreams.
Advanced Matrixyl Synthe 6 - Powerful anti-aging peptide that reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for long-lasting results
Bioactive Tetra peptides – Activates Collagen production and decreases appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and skins overall roughness
C5 - Silicone feel, without the silicone. Lightweight, silk-smooth skin conditioner that helps lock in skin’s moisture and tanning results
Lipochroman-6 – Helps to reduce stressed- caused oxygen loss in skin and the appearance of skin cell damage
Nouritan – a complex mixture of tanning activators and accelerators encapsulated within a delivery system that is designed to quickly penetrate the skin and stimulate Tyrosine activity to promote an even and long lasting, dark tan.
Mela-Dark-Assists the skin in developing the perfect golden tan
Mangosteen- Superfruit antioxidant to reduce skin imperfections
DHA Free Natural bronzers as well as cosmetic bronzers will deliver an immediate healthy glow to the skin
      * Boosts collagen production and helps reduce stress caused cell damage
      * Provides anti-aging and skin-firming benefits by using Renovage™ and Ideal Lift™ Technologies
      * New C5™ Technology
      * Mela-Dark™ and Nouritan™ tanning technologies for plateau breaking results
      * Advanced Matrixyl Synthe 6™
Fresh Rain Fragrance


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