Designer Skin Stardom 60 X High End Bronzer Tanning Lotion

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Designer Skin Stardom 60 X High End Bronzer 

The whole universe is yours. It’s time to explore the unknown and encounter never seen before dark color! Designer Skin’s 60X Bronzing Force, with Dark Abyss Elixir and Glow Gevity Complex, ensures an out of this world bronze and infinite glow. Experience the magnitude of Sumptuous Silicone Blend and Stargaze Flawless Finish for a superior cosmic feel and perfected look. Take your bronze to a new galaxy… Stardom awaits!

  • Stellar 60X Bronzing Force is Designer Skin’s darkest and longest lasting combination of bronzing ingredients, with Dark Abyss Elixir for flawless extended color development lasting up to twice as long
  • GlowGevity Complex draws moisture to skin to ensure a beaming glow
  • Sumptuous Silicone Blend has a luscious, light weight feel, with superior spreadability, to leave skin hydrated and exceptionally silky
  • Stargaze Flawless Finish provides a look of perfection, helping to diffuse light for a softer, younger looking appearance

Fragrance: Mango Champagne

Note: We also offer this product in a Sample Packet, see below!