Designer Skin ENVIOUS 19 X bronzer - 13.5 oz.

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Designer Skin Envious Magnificent 19X Bronzer Magical Cream Oil Formula - 13.5 oz.

Pale skin is not for all! Has your bronze potential been cursed by a maleficent evil Queen? Defeat her wicked ways with this 19X Bronzer so mystical that dark color will never betray you. Break the spell and be the fiercest protector of your glow with this Magical Cream Oil Formula that enwraps your skin in a velvety cloak, unveiling supreme results. Your kingdom of dark enchantment awaits, with one superior tan to rule them all!

  • Magical Cream Oil Formula contains Black Truffle with Potassium and Vitamins for dominating color, worthy of any royal
  • DS ProBronze Extend™ combined with MelanINK™ provides the ultimate in instant and delayed color
  • Color Shifting™ Complex entraps UV light for your most dominant tanning potential
  • Powerful moisturizers leave skin draped in velvety hydration

Fragrance: Enticing Citrus Blossom


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