Australian Gold Totally Beachin Immediate Tanning Bronzers

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Australian Gold Totally Beachin Immediate Bronzers - 8.5 oz.

Achieve straight-from-the beach dark color with this Hypoallergenic Berry Tropical Natural Bronzer that is formulated for every skin type. Thirsty skin will drink up the Exotic Fruit Smoothie Complex that drenches that skin with decadent fruit juices for an irresistibly hydrated bronze hue. Vacay Extend prolongs that gorgeous skin-kissed glow never letting your getaway end. Nourishing Vitalize Blend allevates dry skin and combats stress leaving skin radiant. Everyone is going to be asking how you got that Totally Beachin'™ tan!

  1. Berry Tropical Natural Bronzer: Powerful blend of natural ingredients including Australian Berries and Caramel for streak-free, vacation-perfect dark color
  2. Exotic Fruit Smoothie Complex: Delicious cocktail of Pineapple, Lilly Pilly, Apricot and other fruits protect, soothe, purify and moisturize for soft smooth skin
  3. Vacay Extend: Mixture of luxurious Oils help to rejuvenate and lock in moisture for longer lasting dark color
  4. Vitalize Blend: Vitamins E, B5 and C help neutralize free radicals for youthful, glowing complexion
Enjoy this Fragrance Free getaway with an intoxicatingly delightful essence


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