Australian Gold SUN SEEKER Tanning Dark Intensifier - 10 oz.

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Australian Gold SUN SEEKER Tanning Dark Intensifier

Wild Bush Blend brings the power of the Outback with Wild Berries that condition, while Coconut Oil helps protect and soothe the skin for beach-ready perfection. Polished perfection moisturizes and smooths for a soft tanning canvas, while natural Australian Tea Tree Oil ensures you continue that sun-loving journey. Follow the sun and always be a true Sun Seeker™!

  • Serene Dark Intensifier: Tyrosine and Annatto Extract help to encourage melanin synthesis for deep, dark developed color
  • Wild Bush Blend: Native Australian Wild Berries and Coconut Oil combine to help soothe and nourish for soft, touchable skin
  • Polished Perfection: Mixture of luxurious Oils help to rejuvenate and lock-in moisture for longer lasting dark color
  • ATO Defense: Tea Tree Oil helps prevent after tan odor from occurring
  • Soak up every moment with this Paradise Sunset fragrance


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