Australian Gold ENDLESS VACATION Intensifier - 10.0 oz.

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Australian Gold ENDLESS VACATION Intensifier

This specially formulated Triple Dip Hybrid Intensifier can give you straightfromthebeach color whatever way you choose to achieve it. Continuous Color Cocktail provides intense moisture to ensure gorgeous color lasts for days! Red Light Collagen Boost delivers unbelievable skincare to help smooth and tone, while deluxe BioActive Bronzing Minerals strengthen and soften for touchable, sleek skin. Fuel your wanderlust with Endless Vacation!
  • Triple Dip Hybrid Intensifier: Unique siliconefree formulation of Tyrosine, DermaDark┬« and Erythrulose provides a natural, uniform glow that lasts days longer
  • Continuous Color Cocktail: Deluxe blend of Meadowfoam Seed Oil, Coconut Oil, Cocoa Butter, and Shea Butter to hydrate, sealin moisture and brighten the complexion
  • Red Light Collagen Boost: Superior skincare, including decadent Peptides, help to boost collagen and elastin production for overall smoother skin
  • BioActive Bronzing Minerals: Naturally obtained 92 essential minerals rejuvenate and soothe for visibly smoother skin
  • No Added Parabens
  • Formulated to be used in a UV bed, Red Light Bed, UV/Red Light Hybrid Bed or before sunless application

Maui Island Breeze Fragrance

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