Synergy Tan 

 Synergy Tanning Lotion – Low Cost products for a High Class Tan

We’ve heard so much about how bad tanning can be for us. All the companies’ products we offer have stepped up to the plate and made their products as safe and effective as possible. Many folks are still not sure, and don’t want to invest hundreds of dollars in tanning products just yet, until they see results.

This is why we offer Synergy Tan brands of tanning lotion, they are all very affordable and if you want a wholesale Synergy Tan, you will be amazed at our ridiculously low prices. Don’t worry, despite these low wholesale Synergy Tan prices each lotion is made to the most stringent standards

Synergy Tan 

Contains advanced silicone bronzers and is packed with natural ingredients to keep your skin looking beautiful, such as Acai Berry, Mango and Shea butters. Add some age-defying peptides and you’ll wonder how we can offer this lotion at less than half what you’d pay in a store for an inferior product.

We offer a wide choice of Synergy Tan brands of tanning lotions. At these prices you’ll be able to afford two or three! Go through the list carefully, select a product that offers the results you’re looking for and try Synergy tanning lotion today – you won’t be sorry!