Synergy Tan You Don't Know Brit Tanning Product

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Synergy Tan You Don't Know Brit Tanning Product - 8.0 oz.

This sexy, glam perfecting, DHA FREE Shimmering Bronzer is the only dark tanning bronzer you’ll need for a bronze tan that sizzles. NEW ColorSURGE MAX™ Technology, instant streak-free Shimmering Bronzers and super slimming pro-liposome GHK Tripeptides give you total GLAM ROCK cred! You may not know Brit, but you know a slammin’ glam bronze tan when you see it!

• Super Sexy Shimmer imparts a hint of sexy shimmer for a bronze tan that’s super glam.
• DHA Free Bronzers deliver instant streak-free, worry-free color.
• ColorSURGE MAX™ Technology, rapid color delivery system, provides darker, long-lasting and intense results in less time.
• LIPOREDUCTYL® pro-liposome combats and prevents cellulite. Reduces orange-peel skin for a smoother, more toned appearance.
Fragrance: Pleasure Pop